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The International Consortium for Media, Communication and Cultural Studies is a group of international universities who attempted to harmonize their curricular offers, their assessment requirements and their assessment procedures (bearing in mind the distinct cultural traditions of the countries of the various partners) sufficient to permit coherence of the programme and comparability of achievement. The partners in the consortium undertake to keep this matter under constant review with the intention of insuring continuing harmonization. This tasks are fulfilled by a common board, which is led by a steering committee and an elected chairperson. In order to secure the administrative and academic procedures of the programme, the partner universities have a common decision-making and planning board which comprises the co-ordinators of the Masters course "European Master of Arts in Media, Communication and Cultural Studies" from the respective universities.
The consortium looks to enlist the advice and support of people of standing in the media industries for their co-operation. They are asked to lend their active support to the endeavour to integrate theory and practice, and facilitate productive links between university studies and the media professions.


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