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4-18 June 2005

Summer School 2005
Chianciano Terme, Siena


Dott.ssa Silvia Pezzoli (


The Summer school
The summer school 2005 consist of two weeks lessons and workshops on different topics. Each morning is dedicated to four hours classes, taught in English and Italian. In the afternoon there are more lessons in English. During the two weeks, there is the opportunity to visit the wonderful landscapes and small villages near Chianciano, one of the most attractive place in Tuscany and in Italy. Four days, probably the week ends, are off to take the chance to see the country side.
The American students are free to take lessons in the morning, and are involved in the afternoon programmes. The other students are involved in the morning and are free to follow the lessons also in the afternoon.
The programme concerns up to 50 students.
The hospitality costs will be communicated as soon as possible

Some notes about Chianciano
Chianciano is a lovely small town in the South of Tuscany. Chianciano has got two separate identities. There is the thermal Chianciano, with parks and avenues, hotels and shops, but it also exists the original core of the town, the so called "paese" (village).
The antique Chianciano is linked by della Libertà Avenue to the new part, that has been spreading around the thermal parks. It rises up within the walls, one can enter by passing through Rivellini Gate.
For further information on the town:


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